"What do you like about the service?" Communication, flexibility, having support, the creativity.. just everything

Professional Content Creator & Streamer

A young prodigy in the scene

At just 14 years old, Halo has grown an audience of almost 400,000 people - creating gaming content for his fans across a variety of platforms. However, don't be fooled by his age. Despite being so young, Halo is an expert in his field boasting a ridiculous amount of knowledge on how to grow on social media platforms, live-streaming & content creation in general.

To infinity & beyond...

After finding so much success, Halo & his manager ("Mama Halo"), decided it was time to expand their team - this is where Relight came in. I was aware of Halo's content & brand because of his size in the community and he had seen my work with other clients through Twitter. They reached out wanting to talk about what problems they were facing & how Relight & myself could push the Halo brand to the next level. After some exciting talks, Relight now works with Halo on all of his social platforms & continues to build

3 months later

At Relight, we've now optimised workflows for all things Halo as well as introduced new guidelines to follow, tips & tricks and improved the quality of all video & image content. We are more than excited to continue working with Halo & his family - they have been nothing but supportive & truly trust us when it comes to what we do. Thank you Team Halo!


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