"Relight manage my short-form content with a high quality & hands-off service. I can sit back & focus on what I do best"

Benjy Fish
Professional Gamer & Content Creator
Benjy Fish

Benjyfishy is an brilliant online gaming brand lead by Benjy Fish that produces content on Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok & Twitter.

We started working on Benjy's content in 2019

Since working with Benjy, I've lead social media management & content production on his YouTube, Instagram & TikTok brand channels with a focus on short-form content. Benjy is great to work with & always believes in our expertise when a decision is needed to be made. We've also seen a huge shift in short-form consumption since 2019 with the COVID lockdowns & TikTok users increasing by over 200% since we started.

Stand out from the crowd

There's a surplus of short-form gaming content across social platforms but a very small percentage of it actually hits the audience criteria. The majority of content out there for short-form gaming is often effortless & lazy - you can no longer hit a nice shot, upload it RAW & expect virality. We knew this and wanted to take Benjy's brand in a slightly different direction.

Here's what we did:

  • Tracked & predicted trends
  • Used his in-game relationships to push storylines
  • Reflected his funny, kind & relatable personality
  • Captured real-time events in short-form

We are so pleased with the success we've been able to help bring to Benjy with on his short-form content & cannot wait to see what the future holds for him & his brand.


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